We create products we believe in!

Our mill

Kirov's Mill (Melnitsa Kirova) is the leading flour milling enterprise in Russia and the largest mill in Europe. Kirov's Mill was built in 1939 and today is a modern flour milling plant producing a wide range of products which comply with Russian and international market standards. It uses high tech equipment and the most innovative technologies.

Our products

Kirov's Mill’s main products are different types of bread wheat flour, rye bread flour and also bran, cereal and grain. We also produce special kinds of flour ideally balanced for manufacturing specific products, including for individual orders from our clients, bakers, confectioners, pasta and frozen food producers.

Our team

Join our team of professionals working in the largest mill in Russia and Europe. We value energetic target driven and talented people who come to work with a smile, are proud of their team and develop professionally and personally together with us.


We buy grain and from it we make just what you need! Sales staff from Kirov's Mill will help you choose the product from the main or specialist range which ideally suits your production needs. It will be best in terms of price and quality and if necessary our specialists will develop individual types of flour in our laboratory.
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